How tall will a tree grow? As tall as it possibly can.

“Stop playing small and thinking small. Go big instead. Most people are being allowed to live a small life. Everyone around you would like you to live small: ‘Just do this. You’re good at that. Take it easy. Chill. When is enough enough?’ All these messages you get are basically saying, ‘live small, life’s not a big deal, enjoy it.’ It’s just this ‘get by’ thing in life.

There has got to be some people who go, ‘no! no!’ You were put here for a purpose. Your way. The way you were born. The way you were raised. Your background, your experiences, your giftedness, all prepared you, in your way, for right now. And you’re supposed to do something great with your life.

You weren’t born here to be average and ordinary. There’s all this messaging that you’re average and ordinary because you belong there. And it’s probably someone else’s fault. No, it’s your life—you’re in control. It’s no one else’s fault and you’re supposed to do something magnificent.

That’s the consciousness aspect. The last thousand years on earth, doing something great has been reserved for this one little group of people—one percent of the population. They’re supposed to do something great. They’re supposed to live their dreams. We’re supposed to watch them, cheer for them, wear their jersey, watch their award show, comment on their post, clean their houses, feed them in their restaurants.

No. The fact of the matter is you can do those things—you can change your life. I’m sick and tired of this hero-worship, you live small, cheer for everyone else who lives big. No. If you’re a schoolteacher, be the best damn schoolteacher. Change the world by those little lives you’re affecting. If you’re on social media, change the role (don’t just follow, like, share and subscribe.) Play big.

You will never do it wrong if your decision is to do the bigger thing than the smaller thing. That’s what I would tell you:

Stop playing small, stop thinking small and don’t let anybody tell you you should be small.” – Ed Mylett

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